In order to effectively implement the Fairview Learning strategies, training is a must. During our Fairview Training we will take you through 14 modules. By the end of the training you will truly become an expert in the program and will be able to implement the program effectively with your students.

We offer a couple different training options. First off is our Webinar Training. With this training, as many people as you would like are able to attend. We schedule 1 session per week. Implementation starts day 1. You will take what you learn that week and implement it with your students, that way you can come the following session and ask any questions that may have come up as you have been working with your students. Our Fairview staff is here for you every step of the way!

Here are some things that our previous trainees have had to say about our Webinar training:

I always felt supported. The knowledge, strength and compassion she has for the program definitely shined through and made me feel at ease. I'm more of a classroom learner and was extremely nervous for an online webinar. The way Trish taught this class made me feel like I was in the classroom. Always willing to go back and explain it again if we weren't grasping the concept. I highly recommend this webinar to anyone wanting and being open to learning a great way to help develop your student/students vocabulary, reading and language. I'm already seeing progress!

I would totally recommend it to anyone. It is so great to be able to learn everything you need to know about Fairview without having to travel and get a sub etc. I could go on and on about how fantastic the course was. I sent a letter to Trish with all the things I loved ..just everything was SO GREAT! Thank you Thank you Thank you. It was time well spent for me.

We also offer On-Site Trainings. Due to the costs associated with travelling on-site, please contact Lydia Gulla at directly for an on-site training quote.

For any questions regarding the Fairview Learning Training, please reach out to us at 801.448.1025.