When all five Fairview components are utilized, student reading comprehension improves significantly and rapidly. However, it's important to note that while the materials are presented in trainings, users have the flexibility to choose which components to implement.

Although the Adapted Dolch Words and Bridge Lists are designed for students up to the 3rd grade, many high school and adult students may not have mastered or been exposed to the wide range of multiple signs and meanings. Therefore, the materials and strategies can be effectively used with students of all age levels.

We anticipate rapid progress through the vocabulary lists, but the rate of progress depends on both the student and the teacher's efforts.

Fairview integrates continuous assessment to drive instruction, enhance student motivation and skills, and improve instructional techniques and accuracy. Daily progress checks are integrated within instructional and organizational techniques taught throughout the complete Fairview Training & Coaching Program.

When the Fairview Learning program is implemented with fidelity, exceptional growth and success can be achieved by our students.