If all 5 Fairview components are utilized, student reading comprehension improves significantly and quickly. However, once materials are presented in trainings, users control what they choose to implement. Although the Adapted Dolch Words and Bridge Lists only go through the 3rd grade, many high school and adult students have not mastered or been exposed to the numerous multiple signs and meanings. Therefore, the materials can be used with all age levels. We expect rapid progress through the vocabulary lists, but the rate of progress depends on the student as well as the teacher.

Fairview incorporates continuous assessment to drive instruction, increase student motivation and skills, and improve instructional techniques and accuracy. Daily progress checks are embedded within instructional and organizational techniques and are supported with user friendly forms and the online assessment site. Click the Student Progress Check to download.  

Fairview encourages teachers to target what to teach, teach, and then assesses to see if the material was learned. The online assessment tool allows teachers and students to document their progress with graphs. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND the use of this tool, for it graphs progress according to grade level and serves as a reality checck. Please email Fairview if you would like to use this complimentary tool.


Pre and posttests –  PROGRESS CHECKS – are recommended and can be provided on all program components. Click Sample Graphs to see a few of the many graphs available with this tool. Progress checks document student progress for IEPs, parents, teachers, students, interpreters, and program administrators, and for decisions regarding instruction, trainings, and program implementation. Accountability and data management under gird program success.