Online Tutoring Info

Introduction to the Online Tutoring Program

Does your student need a little extra help achieving their literacy goals?

Does your student need a little extra help outside of the classroom?

Are you wanting to homeschool your child but don’t know where to start?

Fairview Learning & Coaching has a program designed to help you help your student. We have found through our many years of training and implementation that the key to successful literacy comes from consistency, that is why here at Fairview Learning & Coaching we teach that consistency is key. Well, what happens when our students are not getting this consistent intervention?

Well the answer is simple, they will not be meeting their reading goals. That is why we here at Fairview Learning & Coaching have designed a program to help make this consistency possible for all students. This program is ideal for anyone wanting to help their student meet their literacy goals. This program is not just for students at home but can also be utilized for programs who need help supporting their students at school as well. We all have the same goal: to achieve grade-level literacy with all of our students.

What is it?

The Fairview Learning & Coaching Online Tutoring Program is a totally customizable form of tutoring. Your student will be tutored by Owner/CEO and Master Trainer Trish Vierra. These sessions will range from 30 - 60 minutes depending on your student’s needs. Prior to beginning this tutoring, Trish will go through and assess what it is that your student actually needs. We then schedule these sessions to fit YOUR NEEDS. These sessions will take place via zoom. 

If you are intersted in learning more about our online tutoring program please reach out to Lydia Gulla at or 801.448.1025