Online Subscription Tool

Online Subscription Tool

Welcome to Fairview’s new online subscription tool. This online tool offers users access to the first 2 components of Fairview Learning’s 5 component reading intervention program – the Adapted Dolch Words and the Bridge Lists – anytime, anywhere with internet connection.

The online tool is not just a database. It is an interactive instructional tool that gives users a number of viewing options. For example, users can chose among the Adapted Dolch Words and/or the Bridge Lists in several ways to meet their instructional goals:

  • In isolation
  • Just the words with multiple meanings
  • Just the words with multiple signs
  • Or just specific words or phrases
  • With or without indexing
  • With and without captions
  • In sentences with conceptually accurate signing following English word order
  • In sentences signed in ASL
  • And Adapted Dolch words and Bridge phrases can be played together during the same session.

Fairview wants to provide teachers and students with a learning center in their classrooms that can be individualized per group or student and accessed at any time with an internet connection.

If you would like to order for your school and need pricing information, please contact Fairview. We also offer subscriptions for individuals.

Individual licensing fees are listed below:

  • 1-month $52.80
  • 6-month $277.20
  • School Year $369.60
  • One Year $510.00